Protect Yourself Against Financial Scams - Phony Checks

It is the time of year when people are looking for some extra cash to help with expenses, and this has scammers on the prowl.

According to recent reports, scammers are posting online ads claiming to pay people for simply driving their cars. The ad claims to be looking for people who are willing to wrap their car with a vinyl ad, usually for popular products like Coke or Red Bull. The scammer will then send you a large check, allegedly covering the costs of installing the vinyl banner as well as your portion for participating. The victim is then asked to cash the check, and wire the remainder back to the advertiser to cover installation costs. However, the check bounces and you are on the hook for the amount you wired back to the scammer.

Although there are some legitimate companies that are willing to pay people to wrap their car in a vinyl wrap, many internet ads offering to pay drivers are a scam. Avoid similar scams by doing your due diligence. First, make sure you are dealing with a reputable agent, you can start by conducting a simple Google search. Most importantly though, you will NEVER be asked to send back any portion of a check you receive. So, if a purported advertiser is asking you to send money, it is scam. You can learn more about this scam by visiting the National Consumers League website at You can also visit the Community Bank website for a list of tips on how to protect your finances and your financial future.

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