Our personal line of credit provides the flexibility you need to make purchases for your home, your family, or whatever your needs. 

It is a revolving, unsecured line of credit between $500 and $5,000, which is accessed by writing a regular check for more than the balance in your account. The difference between the balance in your checking account and the check will be advanced from your line of credit to cover your expenses. You'll never have to worry about being overdrawn again. In addition, you can take advantage of unexpected sales or short-term cash needs.


  • Automatic advance of funds to cover your overdraft 
  • It's as easy as writing a check 
  • Peace of mind should you inadvertently write a check for more than the balance in your checking account 
  • Automatic loan payments from your Community Bank checking account 
  • Online banking and mobile banking 

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Credit Cards

Open a credit card today. Whether for personal or business use, we provide a variety of credit cards that are sure to suit your needs. 

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Apple Pay

Use Apple Pay and enjoy all the benefits of your Community Bank debit card. Apple Pay is convenient, easy, and secure.