Frequently Asked Questions - Lake Street Mobile

Is there a charge for Lake Street Mobile?
Community Bank does not charge for Lake Street Mobile. Data fees and/or text message fees may apply—it all depends on the plan you have with your wireless provider. Please check with them for details.

What accounts are eligible?
Any account that can enroll in online banking can be eligible for Lake Street Mobile.

What about commercial accounts?
Generally, commercial accounts are eligible for Lake Street Mobile. However, some enhanced cash management features may not be available via the mobile application.

Do I have to be enrolled in online banking?
Yes—for security purposes, in order to enroll in Lake Street Mobile, you must first enroll in online banking, and then enroll in Lake Street Mobile while logged in to online banking.

What features does Lake Street Mobile offer?
Lake Street Mobile has the following features:

  • Balances for all accounts
  • Transaction history of up to 90 days for all accounts
  • Transfer funds between Community Bank accounts
  • Pay bills online

Do the apps also work on a tablet?
Yes, the apps also work on tablets. The apps are optimized for smartphones, however.

How does the Pay Bills function work?
For security purposes, the Pay Bills function will only initiate payments to payees that have already been established in online banking. Additionally the Pay Bills function will not allow a bill payment to be scheduled in the future—initiating a bill payment will create a payment that gets delivered the next business day.

What if I have not signed up for Bill Payment?
If you are a mobile user, and have not yet signed up for Bill Payment, clicking on the ‘Pay Bills’ icon will generate an e-mail request to Community Bank. We will then evaluate the request—not all accounts are eligible for Bill Payment. You will receive a response within 72 hours.

Do I have to have all my accounts available in Lake Street Mobile?
No. When you enroll in Lake Street Mobile, you will be asked to authorize the accounts that you wish to see in Lake Street Mobile. You do not have to make all accounts available on your mobile phone.

Why is it taking so long to load my transaction history?
Lake Street Mobile will display as many transactions as you allow online banking to display, which may be as many as 90 days. You can change the number of days displayed in both online and mobile banking by logging in to online banking. Once logged in, click on ‘Options’, click on ‘Display’, then change the ‘Transactions’ selection to a smaller number than ‘All’.

What kind of security does the system use?
Community Bank employs the latest in security features for Lake Street Online, including but not limited to:

  • Automatic timeout of session if idle
  • No storage of login IDs or passwords
  • Challenge questions used for enhanced authentication
  • SSL (secure socket layer) protection of all mobile sessions

What if something is not working properly?
Please call a personal banker at 708.660.1000, or send us an e-mail at

What should I do if I lose my mobile device?
If your mobile device is lost or stolen, immediately contact your mobile device carrier. Be sure to monitor your accounts via online banking and notify us immediately if you notice any suspicious activity. If you notice any suspicious activity on your account, please contact a personal banker immediately at 708.660.1000.

What are Text Commands?
Text Commands are short text messages you send from your mobile device in order to receive account information. For example, you may request your account balance or account activity information anytime from your phone simply by text the following codes to #89549.

Bal= All Acct Bal
Bal Acct Name=Single Acct Bal
Hist=All Accts Recent Activity
Hist Acct name=Single Acct Activity

Can I enroll more than one phone?
Each online banking user may only enroll one phone for mobile banking.

What should I do if I change my mobile number or service provider?
First, log in to Lake Street Online using your PC.  Then, select the 'Options' tab, and choose the 'Web Mobile Settings' subtab.  You can now enter your new mobile number and/or wireless provider.

If I don’t use a smartphone, can I still use Lake Street Mobile?
Yes, you can still use Lake Street Mobile, but only certain functions.  Specifically, you can still use text messaging if you do not have a smartphone.

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