Know Before You Go - A few tips to make your travel safer and stress free

Be sure to notify us if you are traveling outside of the country. For your protection, debit card or ATM transactions may not process when abroad, but by notifying us we can make sure your debit or ATM card still works. Call us at 708.660.1000 and ask to speak with a personal banker who can quickly take your information.

If you are traveling within the United States, we ask that you contact us to find out if there are any travel restrictions regarding debit card usage. As you know, Community Bank is committed to your security, and in some cases there may be limitations to where you can use your debit card when traveling, so please contact us to find out if any restrictions may apply. Remember, in addition to your debit card, please travel with other forms of payment such as credit cards and cash.

If you are planning a trip in the near future, here are some helpful tips to prepare for the financial aspects of your trip.

  • Remember- your debit card is the door to your checking account! Unlike a credit card, a bad guy gets access to your personal funds when compromising your debit card. Contact Community Bank immediately if your card is lost or stolen. Report a lost or stolen card during business hours by calling 708.660.1000. During non-business hours call our bank-by-phone service at 708.660.1001 (After indicating whether your card is a personal or business card, you will be prompted to enter 7 to report your card lost or stolen). You should also report a card lost or stolen by accessing Lake Street Online, selecting the "Options" tab, then selecting "ATM/Debit Card", and checking the box "Lost/Stolen" for the appropriate card.

  • Make sure Community Bank has your current email address and cell phone number in case of an emergency or a questionable transaction.

  • Bring multiple types of access to funds- sometimes there is a snag with using an alternate form of cash, for example, credit and debit cards issued in the USA are not accessible in certain high crime countries; some countries now charge a surcharge for paying with traveler’s checks; or your debit card may be declined at times due to suspected fraud or issues with electronic access.

  • If traveling abroad, we recommend that you bring a debit card, a credit card, some foreign currency, and a stored value card in foreign currency.

  • NEVER use your debit card to access funds at an ATM that is outside of a bank lobby: fraudsters are famous for attaching skimming devices on ATMs that are not easily noticed. And never accept help from a stranger in using your debit card.

Here’s how one of our staff prepared for a recent trip to Europe- she brought her debit card, her credit card, and purchased Euros and a chip and pin card at Travelex. Her husband also carried his debit card, a different credit card, some of the Euros and the second chip and pin card. No matter what trouble they might run into, they were prepared not to let a problem ruin the trip.

And don’t forget to make copies of your passports and stash a copy in each of your bags- it is much easier to replace a lost or stolen passport if you have a copy with you.

Enjoy your trip, but be safe!