Meet Our People

Our officers have a wide range of experience and longevity in our community.

Charter Employee
Walter Healy

Walter is a local guy and is the face of Community Bank. In addition to providing the vision for our future growth and expansion, Walter is highly involved with Commercial Banking and continues to develop new business for the Bank.

Charter Employee
Marty Noll
Chairman, Board of Directors

Marty has been a banker for 45 years and has worked for big banks and for community banks. When Marty started Community Bank in 1996 he knew it would be successful, but he didn't dream it would be as successful as it has become.
Charter Employee
Claude L'Heureux
Senior Vice President, Mortgage Department 

Claude makes mortgages, lots of them. As the leader of our Mortgage Department, he concentrates his effort solely on real estate. He's been with the Bank since it opened and has originated over $1 billion in loans since then.
Charter Employee
Ruth McLaren
Senior Vice President, Operations

Ruth began her banking career when she was 19, and has in-depth experience in many aspects of the business. She is responsible for retail banking and loan operations. Ruth also oversees HR, compliance, public relations and marketing, as well as technology for the Bank.
Sam Moraras

Sam is in charge of keeping our books and records in balance. He is also responsible for all of the Bank’s short term investments, moves money for our customers and makes sure that our bills are paid.
Kris Bahl
Vice President, Loan Operations

Kris manages our Loan Operations Department ensuring that all of the loans we make are properly documented. No one knows how to "cross your t's and dot your i's" better than Kris.
Mary Beth Montroy McIntosh
Vice President/Branch Manager, River Forest Office 

Mary Beth joined Community Bank in 2002 and is the manager of our River Forest branch. She is well acquainted with the community and looks forward to managing the new River Forest office when it opens in 2016.
Bob Ellison
Vice President, Operations 

Bob oversees the technological development of new bank products and ensures efficient banking operations. Before coming to Community Bank, Bob worked in a similar role for a large regional bank, and we're happy to have his expertise.
Teresa Naughton
Loan Operations Officer 

As a member of the Loan Operations team, Teresa is responsible for managing all the intricacies involved with our loan documentation process.

Janel Morales
Vice President, Retail Banking

Janel is a longtime employee of Community Bank, and is a favorite of our customers. She is in charge of managing the Personal Banking Department at our Oak Park office.

Debbie Filarski
Assistant Vice President, Compliance

Debbie manages and oversees the Bank's Compliance Department. She brings extensive knowledge and experience with her to Community Bank.

Gordon Hellwig
Vice President, Commercial Banking

Gordon is highly knowledgeable when it comes to local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and the commercial banking needs of the community. He joined Community Bank with many years of banking experience.

Mani Swarnam
Vice President, Commercial Banking

We are happy to have Mani at Community Bank as one of our commercial banking specialists. He's been in banking for 14 years and focuses in C&I lending, but is knowledgeable in all aspects of business lending services.


Tom Gallagher
Chief Credit Officer

We are grateful to have Tom with us at Community Bank, as no one is more involved in the local commercial banking scene than Tom. He is a a lifelong resident of the community and has over 30 years of banking experience.  

Lorraine Gusé
Vice President, Human Resources

Lorraine has over 25 years of local banking experience and we are happy to benefit from her expertise. She began her banking career in Oak Park, and knows the community well.

Adam Manganiello
Operations Officer

Adam has been with Community Bank for 10 years. He started out as a teller and has worked his way up through the ranks. We are fortunate to have Adam's talents as he deals with the nitty-gritty of our back office operations.


Tom Manfre
Chief Financial Officer

With over 20 years of commercial banking experience, Tom's career has taken him through all areas of bank management including the retail, commercial, operational, and financial areas. His vast experience will benefit the Bank as we look to grow and prosper in the coming future.


Jim Duff
Vice President, Commercial Loans

Jim has had a long and successful career in banking, developing relationships with growing businesses throughout the metropolitan area. Jim's focus at Community Bank is on attracting new business clients and expanding existing banking relationships.

Ann Schimmel
Vice President, Private Banking

We are happy to have Ann rejoin us, after having been with Community Bank from 2004 to 2014. Ann will spend her time working closely with nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals in developing specialized financial solutions.


Philip La Giglia
Senior Vice President of Lending

Phil has a proven track record within the mortgage lending industry, and we are happy to benefit from his vast experience and talents. In addition to launching other successful consumer lending programs, Phil has served as an industry consultant for the past eight years. His ideas and innovation will serve to enhance the customer experience. 

Kathy Marchwiany
Vice President/Branch Manager, South Oak Park Office

Kathy is a veteran community banker with strong experience in developing and managing a retail branch team, expanding banking relationships, and being active within the community. These skills will serve Kathy well as the Branch Manager for our soon to be opened South Oak Park Office.

Andrew Trakszelis
Director of Mortgage Compliance and IT

Andrew has 20 years of experience in mortgage lending, including in-depth knowledge navigating complex compliance regulatory requirements. His experience and skills will help Community Bank continue to be a local force in the mortgage lending industry.

30 other people greet customers, handle incoming inquiries and efficiently cash checks and take deposits. Without all of these great employees, all the people above wouldn't look as good as we do.

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