Exceptional service leads to organic growth.

That’s our story. What’s yours?

A small community bank offers exceptionally friendly, personalized customer service. The kind that creates increased popularity. It gradually gains more business, builds a national presence with responsibility for hundreds of millions of dollars, and adds convenient new locations, products, and services. Which attracts even more clients. Yet it keeps the grounded, neighborhood feel that made it so attractive from the start.

That’s our story at Community Bank of Oak Park River Forest. Now, we want to hear yours.

What can we do to make your dreams come true? Why do they matter so much to you, your family, or your business? How can we get to “yes,” the place where you have what you need to succeed? The answers to these questions are essential to providing customized banking. Banking that takes into account the real, personal reasons behind the need for financial services. Banking with individuals who see you as a person with custom needs, and not as an account number.

We recognize that every client is a little different.

Which is why we’re achieving a lot of success.

Yes, we are becoming a bigger bank. But we still have a big heart. And we try to ensure that our growth represents the best interests of our clients. It comes with stronger resources to serve your needs and convenient new services and technologies, such as mobile banking. Whether you enter one of our branches or offices, text, or call by phone, you’ll know right away that you’re among friends.

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Credit Cards

Open a credit card today. Whether for personal or business use, we provide a variety of credit cards that are sure to suit your needs. 

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Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay is fast, easy, and secure way to make payments directly from your account. Learn more today.